Annals of Forest Research: 80 years from first publishing

The Forest Research and Management Institute Bucharest - Romania, announce the new electronic platform of Annals of Forest Research, on 5-th of June 2014. This event marks the 80th anniversary since the first publication of the journal published by Forest Research and Management Institute, and the date fortunately coincides with the World Environment Day.The Web platform now includes digital object identification (DOI) and archiving system (CLOCKSS). All the archive (2008-) is available on platform, while the period 1934-2007 is available at the former site.We use this opportunity to thank everybody involved with the Annals of Forest Research - readers, authors, reviewers - for their support, professionalism and contributions to the journal’s prestige.On the World Environment Day, we encourage everyone to further think forest - the single green treasure that renew itself, and of those who advance the science and knowledge of it. On behalf of Editorial Board,Sorin Popescu - Editor-in-Chief, Texas A&M University, USAIovu Adrian Biriș - Executive Editor, Forest Research and Management Institute, Romania