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Effects of thinning on soil nutrients in a chronosequence of Chinese fir in subtropical Chinaforests
Jiping Li, Xiaoyu Cao, Yiru Wang, Wende Yan, Yuanying Peng, Xiaoyong Chen
PDF Vol 64, No 1 (2021)
Efficiency of a Woody 60 processor attached to a Mounty 4100 tower yarder when processing coniferous timber from thinning operations
S.A. Borz, M. Bîrda, Gh. Ignea, B. Popa, V.R. Câmpu, E. Iordache, R.A. Derczeni
PDF Volume 57, Issue 2
Elliptic Fourier analysis of crown shapes in Quercus petraea trees
Ovidiu Hâruţa
PDF Volume 54, Issue 1
Estimating aboveground biomass using Landsat TM imagery: A case study of Anatolian Crimean pine forests in Turkey
A. Günlü, I. Ercanli, E.Z. Başkent, G. Çakır
PDF Volume 57, Issue 2
Estimating basic wood density and its uncertainty for Pinus densiflora in the Republic of Korea
Jung Kee Pyo, Yeong Mo Son, Kyeong Hak Lee, Young Jin Lee
PDF Volume 55, Issue 1
Estimation of the mean tree height of forest stands by photogrammetric measurement using digital aerial images of high spatial resolution
Ivan Balenović, Ante Seletković, Renata Pernar, Anamarija Jazbec
PDF Volume 58, Issue 1
Evaluating primary forest fuel rail terminals with discrete event simulation: A case study from Austria
Ulrich J. Wolfsmayr, Rossana Merenda, Peter Rauch, Francesco Longo, Manfred Gronalt
PDF Volume 59, Issue 1
Evaluating SAR-optical sensor fusion for aboveground biomass estimation in a Brazilian tropical forest
Aline Bernarda Debastiani, Carlos Roberto Sanquetta, Ana Paula Dalla Corte, Naiara Sardinha Pinto, Franciel Eduardo Rex
PDF Volume 62, Issue 1
Evaluation of nine distance-based measures of functional diversity applied to forest communities
Jin-Tun Zhang, Naiqi Song, Lihong Fan
PDF Volume 56, Issue 1
Evaluation of structure specification in linear mixed models for modeling the spatial effects in tree height-diamater relationships
Junfeng Lu, Lianjun Zhang
PDF Volume 56, Issue 1
Factors affecting industrial wood, material production yield in Turkey’s natural beech forests
Atilla Atik, Bülent Yılmaz
PDF Volume 57, Issue 1
Factors responsible for co-dominance of two beech species in a cool temperate forest in central Japan: interspecific comparison of spatial distribution and growth traits
Wataru Ishizuka, Susumu Goto, Mikio Kaji
PDF Volume 55, Issue 1
Faunal diversity of Fagus sylvatica forests: A regional and European perspective based on three indicator groups
H. Walentowski, S. Müller-Kroehling, E. Bergmeier, M. Bernhardt-Römermann, M.M. Gossner, A. Reif, E.-D. Schulze, H. Bußler, C. Strätz, W. Adelmann
PDF Volume 57, Issue 2
First report of three scolytid species (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Scolytinae) in Romania
Nicolai Olenici, Miloš Knížek, Valentina Olenici, Mihai-Leonard Duduman, Iovu-Adrian Biriş
PDF Volume 57, Issue 1
First year development of poplar clones in biomass short rotation coppiced experimental cultures
Mihai Filat, Dănuţ Chira, Marius Sorin Nică, Mariana Dogaru
PDF Volume 53, Issue 2
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