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Carbon allocation, nodulation, and biological nitrogen fixation of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) under soil water limitation
Dario Mantovani, Maik Veste, Katja Boldt-Burisch, Simone Fritsch, Laurie Anne Koning, Dirk Freese
PDF Volume 58, Issue 2
Carbon allocation, sequestration and carbon dioxide mitigation under plantation forests of north western Himalaya, India
Bandana Devi, D.R. Bhardwaj, Pankaj Panwar, Sharmistha Pal, N.K. Gupta, C.L. Thakur
PDF Volume 56, Issue 1
Carbon and nitrogen status of decomposing roots in three adjacent coniferous plantations
Jaeyeob Jeong, Choonsig Kim
PDF Volume 57, Issue 1
Carbon and nitrogen stocks in dead wood of tropical lowland forests as dependent on wood decay stages and land-use intensity
Selis Meriem, Soekisman Tjitrosoedirjo, Martyna Malgorzata Kotowska, Dietrich Hertel, Triadiati Triadiati
PDF Volume 59, Issue 2
Challenges in accounting the forests - a Latvian case study
Evija Grege-Staltmane
PDF Volume 53, Issue 1
Characterization of 20 new EST-SSR markers for northern red oak (Quercus rubra L.) and their transferability to Fagus sylvatica L. and six oak species of section Lobatae and Quercus
Martin Müller, Oliver Gailing
PDF Volume 61, Issue 2
Characterization of the brown leaf spots pathosystem in Brazilian pecan orchards: pathogen morphology and molecular identification
Tales Poletto, Marlove Fátima Brião Muniz, Vinícius Spolaor Fantinel, Laís da Silva Martello, Lucas Graciolli Savian, Ricardo Harakava, Eduardo Guatimosim, Igor Poletto, Valdir Marcos Stefenon
PDF Vol 64, No 1 (2021)
Climate as possible reproductive barrier in Pinus radiata (D. Don) interspecific hybridisation
Hannél Ham, Ben du Toit, Anna-Maria Botha, Arnulf Kanzler
PDF Volume 60, Issue 2
Clone variation of seed traits, germination and seedling growth in Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. clonal seed orchard
Ombir Singh, Altaf Hussain Sofi
PDF Volume 54, Issue 2
Cluster analysis in primary roundwood production of 25 countries of European Union
Panagiotis P. Koulelis
PDF Volume 52, Issue 1
Comparison of seed component between stempruned and un-pruned trees in a Pinus koraiensis seed orchard
Chan-Ho Bae, Jae-Mo Song, Chul- Woo Kim, Jeong-Ho Song, Sang-Urk Han, Tae-Heum Shim, Jae-Seon Yi
PDF Volume 51, Issue 1
Comparison of selected splines for stem form modeling: A case study in Norway spruce
Karel Kuželka, Róbert Marušák
PDF Volume 57, Issue 1
Comparison of the autoecology of Quercus robur L. and Q. petraea (Mattuschka) Liebl. stands in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula
A. Rodriguez-Campos, I.J. Diaz-Maroto, E. Barcala-Perez, P. Vila-Lameiro
PDF Volume 53, Issue 1
Comparison of various growth functions for predicting long-term stand development associated with different initial spacing in 64-year-old Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica (L.f.) D. Don) plantations
Che-Yu Shih, Tian-Ming Yen, Ya-Nan Wang
PDF Vol 64, No 1 (2021)
Compensating the opportunity cost of forest functional zoning - two alternative options for the Romanian forest policy
Marian Drăgoi
PDF Volume 53, Issue 1
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