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Ungulate browsing causes species loss in deciduous forests independent of community dynamics and silvicultural management in Central and Southeastern Europe
E.D. Schulze, O. Bouriaud, J. Wäldchen, N. Eisenhauer, H. Walentowski, C. Seele, E. Heinze, U. Pruschitzki, G. Dănilă, G. Marin, D. Hessenmöller, L. Bouriaud, M. Teodosiu
PDF Volume 57, Issue 2
Using classification trees to predict forest structure types from LiDAR data
Chiara Torresan, Piermaria Corona, Gianfranco Scrinzi, Joan Valls Marsal
PDF Volume 59, Issue 2
Using pixel and object based IKONOS image analysis for studying decay in silver fir stands
Ionuț Barnoaiea, Ovidiu Iacobescu
PDF Volume 52, Issue 1
Variability of needle structure in Siberian stone pine in provenance plantations
O. Bender, T.I. Rudnik
PDF Volume 51, Issue 1
Variability of photosynthetic parameters of Pinus sibirica Du Tour needles under changing climatic factors
A.P. Zotikova, T.I. Rudnik
PDF Volume 51, Issue 1
Variable retention forestry conserves habitat of bird species in Patagonian Nothofagus pumilio forests
María Vanessa Lencinas, Juan Manuel Cellini, Julieta Benitez, Pablo Luis Peri, Guillermo Martínez Pastur
PDF Volume 61, Issue 2
Variation of leaf morphological traits in natural populations of Fagus orientalis Lipsky in the Caspian forests of Northern Iran
Vilma Bayramzadeh, Pedram Attarod, Mohammad Taghi Ahmadi, Maryam Ghadiri, Ronak Akbari, Turaj Safarkar, Anoushirvan Shirvany
PDF Volume 55, Issue 1
Visualization of optimized solution space using a simulation system for the development of local forest management planning
Nakajima Tohru, Kanomata Hidesato, Mitsuo Matsumoto
PDF Volume 59, Issue 1
White pine blister rust resistance in North American, Asian and european species - results from artificial inoculartion trials in Oregon
R.A. Sniezko, A.J. Kegley, R. Danchok
PDF Volume 51, Issue 1
Witches' brooms in Siberian stone pine as somatic mutations and initial genetic material for breeding of nut-bearing and ornamental cultivars
M. S. Yamburov, S. N. Goroshkevich
PDF Volume 51, Issue 1
Wood density variations of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) under contrasting climate conditions in southwestern Germany
Marieke van der Maaten-Theunissen, Simon Boden, Ernst van der Maaten
PDF Volume 56, Issue 1
Xylariaceae diversity in Thailand and Philippines, based on rDNA sequencing
Natarajan Velmurugan, Hyun Mi Lee, Sang Sub Han, Lee Sol, Yang Soo Lee
PDF Volume 56, Issue 1
Yield prediction of young black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) plantations for woody biomass production using allometric relations
Christian Böhm, Ansgar Quinkenstein, Dirk Freese
PDF Volume 54, Issue 2
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