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Allozyme variation in Pinus cembra and P. sibirica: differentiation between populations and species
D.V. Politov, M.M. Belokon, Yu. S. Belokon
PDF Volume 51, Issue 1
Altitudinal variation of plant traits: morphological characteristics in Fragaria vesca L. (Rosaceae)
Erika Maliníková, Ján Kukla, Margita Kuklová, Mária Balážová
PDF Volume 56, Issue 1
An effective route for the micropropagation of Medinilla formosana through ovary culture in vitro
Yan Wang, Dai-Di Feng, Xiao-Bai Li, Jian-Ping Chen
PDF Volume 58, Issue 2
An evaluating methodology for hydrotechnical torrent-control structures condition
Şerban Octavian Davidescu, Ioan Clinciu, Nicolae Constantin Tudose, Cezar Ungurean
PDF Volume 55, Issue 1
An evaluation of forestry journals using bibliometric indices
Chrisovalantis Malesios, Garyfallos Arabatzis
PDF Volume 55, Issue 2
An integrated airborne laser scanning approach to forest management and cultural heritage issues: a case study at Porolissum, Romania
Anamaria Roman, Tudor-Mihai Ursu, Sorina Fărcaş, Vlad-Andrei Lăzărescu, Coriolan Horaţiu Opreanu
PDF Volume 60, Issue 1
Analysis of mating system in two Pinus cembra L. populations of the Ukrainian Carpathians
Dmitri V. Politov, Yaroslav V. Pirko, Nadezhda N. Pirko, Elena A. Mudrik, Ivan I. Korshikov
PDF Volume 51, Issue 1
Annals of Forest Research: 80 years from first publishing
Sorin Popescu, Iovu-Adrian Biriș, Marius Teodosiu, Olivier Bouriaud, Nicolai Olenici, Dana Mohor
PDF Volume 57, Issue 1
Annals of Forest Research: ten years of international publication
Sorin Popescu, Marius Teodosiu
PDF Volume 61, Issue 1
Applicability of a vegetation indices-based method to map bark beetle outbreaks in the High Tatra Mountains
Mária Havašová, Tomáš Bucha, Ján Ferenčík, Rastislav Jakuš
PDF Volume 58, Issue 2
Application of 13C NMR spectroscopy to characterize organic chemical components of decomposing coarse woody debris from different climatic regions
Takuya Hishinuma, Takashi Osono, Yu Fukasawa, Jun-ichi Azuma, Hiroshi Takeda
PDF Volume 58, Issue 1
Application of amplified fragment length polymorphisms markers to study the hybridization between Pinus sibirica and P. pumila
G. Vasilyeva, V. Semerikov
PDF Volume 57, Issue 2
Are the moth larvae able to withstand tree fall caused by wind storm?
Michal Parák, Ján Kulfan, Peter Zach
PDF Volume 58, Issue 1
Assessing future suitability of tree species under climate change by multiple methods: a case study in southern Germany
Helge Walentowski, Wolfgang Falk, Tobias Mette, Jörg Kunz, Achim Bräuning, Cathrin Meinardus, Christian Zang, Laura M.E. Sutcliffe, Christoph Leuschner
PDF Volume 60, Issue 1
“Innovating the competitive edge: from research to impact in the forest value chain”: half-century of FORMEC
Stelian Alexandru Borz, Mauricio Acuna, Hans Rudolf Heinimann, Teijo Palander, Raffaele Spinelli
PDF Volume 60, Issue 2
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